Sunday, 25 October 2009


It has been a long time since I last wrote - several months in fact. When life sucks you in like that it is either for good or for bad... Well, things have been tough.

As my dad's health has continued to deteriorate the family has come together more than ever. We are trying to do what families do best, as well as replace all the jobs that dedicated medical professionals should be doing, from administering injections to changing urine bags. We have even had to make diagnoses, through the lack of advice and readily available doctors. One big mess!

Aside from that every day is a roller coaster. The say bad things come in threes, but in our case it seems more like 30. Following my mum's accident in a car two weeks ago, and on the way to pick up the car from the panel beater, Duncan had an accident. To top it all up, my brother crashed his car two days later...

During positive times I keep the faith. I believe in the goodness of life, in the fact that bad times pass and in live in the hope that it will make us stronger. Stronger individually and collectively. Stronger as a couple, as a family, as people.

But during bad times I sink.


I have started to run again. Slowly and with breaks still but I can now run up to 40 mins in one day without pain. Some days. Others I have pain just walking or sitting - yet it is a lot better than before. In a metaphor for life, this overcoming of my injury, yes slowly and painfully and not without struggle or setbacks, but essentially overcoming, gives me hope.

As do good news: the birth of a baby by my friend A, who despite complications is now one super-mum! My friend C finding a job again after several difficult months of unemployment. The clouds do lift, it seems. In due course.