Thursday, 13 January 2011

" Smile Like you Mean it!"

Here I am on my last (and one of the first for a while) cycling sessions last Sunday, listening to the Killers song and smiling to my heart's content.

As D is mainly concentrating on running this season, I have to do most of the cycling alone. It was a beautiful January morning, crisp but fairly warm, sunny and with very little wind (no gloves!!). Bliss!

It was, as I mentioned above, one of my first rides this season. I have started to, slowly, get back into training and planning some fun racing for this season. Next race, another 10k this Sunday, though due to a foot injury I have been off for around 3 weeks and just hoping to finish in one piece.

After that my longer term target is, for the second time, the Astroman 1/2 Iron Race. It's a race I did last year (and suffered a lot!) but this time I will hopefully have more than 5 weeks of training behind me and less heat and humidity on the day.

I am excited to be having a second stab at this race and look forward to the training. It is a hilly race - have a look at the photo and note the drop behind me. I better get some good riding in.

Other races I will hopefully do this year: a 20km (in preparation for Astroman) and if all goes well and I feel up to it (ie have not got injured) the Athens Classic Marathon in October/November (I wonder when the organisers will let us know...) Missed the 2,500 anniversary of the race, but will be very happy to race the 2,501st one!


  1. Hello,
    In 2010, Athens Classic Marathon registrations opened during March. Mind though, the slots for the marathon distance were FULLY booked about within a week(!) after the announcement (2500 years of craziness!).A friend from Oxford was training a year for this race but he missed it because he tried to register later! And no cancellations offered as a second chance. The 10km and 5km distances, though, were still available until about August time, if I remember well. Enjoy training.

  2. Thanks, Kostas. I have now decided to move the marathon a bit earlier and do Megas Alexandros in Thess, in April. :)Hope it doesn't affect my HIM too much...