Sunday, 28 February 2010

To write or not to write

I've been asking myself if this week warrants a blog entry and have no answer, so far. As in my training, I have enjoyed the consistency of blogging. And as in my training I feel that I am building something day by day, week by week. So here goes...

It's been another solid week, with its ups and downs. I have been lucky to have been able to train my, by now customary 7-8 hours, though not without sacrificing other activities, sometimes luxuries - like emailing friends, sometimes vital - like eating. But I have to prioritise as it is still a very difficult time for me and my family, both in practical and emotional terms.

Yesterday was just wonderful. I had the day off hospital and really wanted to enjoy it with Duncan. After a lazy morning in bed, we loaded the mountain bikes on the van (which is looking more and more like a sports equipment cupboard and less and less like a vehicle) and headed to the pool. After a quick, yet very satisfying swim, we headed up to Ymittos for some biking with friends, followed by a leisurely coffee and some refuelling.

My friend Paul (not McCartney, though he might have said something along those lines too) said it very eloquently - the best things in life are free: sunshine, mountains and the sea air. And how right he is, though he might be appreciating it them more than us at the moment as he is in still very cold and snowy England.

I often wonder if anyone reads my blog. I have had some comments from a few of you and they are very much appreciated. If you read my blog regularly, I would be grateful if you could add yourself to the follower list (does wonders for my sense of purpose...)


  1. So glad you've been able to get some consistent training in - it really can do wonders for the soul! Photos look beautiful too :)

  2. Awesome pics Alex! Looks like you guys are styling. Are you doing any races? Nothing like some races to give you purpose ;o)

  3. Alex

    Been following the blog, and happy to hear you're getting your fitness back! Plus the tri camps you guys are running look awesome - hopefully one of those will fit in my schedule at some point.

    Has to be done, if nothing else just to have an excuse to buy some of the gear which also looks v cool.

    Good that you're getting Duncan in the pool too and conquering his aversion to the water :)

    Howard H

  4. Robby, yes have some races planned - not lacking sense of purpose on training but in writing ;)

    Howard, great to see you are following. Get yourself out here for a camp this year - we are already in 22 degrees sunshine!